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You have probably heard the term “palliative medicine” a lot lately. At least I hope you have! But what does this type of medicine have to do with the Emergency Department?

Let’s start with some basic questions…How often do you ask yourself :


  • Why am I doing this tube/line/CPR/futile procedure on the poor person who will not get any benefit, and most likely get worse?”
  • How many patients do you see per week that you do a full work-up and management that you would NOT be surprised if they died within the next 6 months?
  • How often are you coding a patient that has obviously been declining for a while with a chronic/terminal condition such as CHF/COPD/dementia and the family has no conception of what is happening?

If you identify with any of these scenarios then read on…

Just as many serious public health questions have ended…

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