First I hope everyone and their families are safe and sound. It was a small joy today walking into work and having heat, light, and internet all in the same place 🙂
This week there is a soft opening for the new paramedic\stroke code process. It is a test to see how much we can speed up the process of Door to CT for stroke patients arriving by St. Joe’s medics.
As you have probably heard the goal is to have the stroke team (Us ED folks) meet the patient and paramedics at CT table-side rather than in a bed. If this works for these patients it can be expanded to all stroke patients arriving prehospitally.
There will, of course, be bumps and bruises along the way as everyone does what we do best – take a plan and refine it until it works.
My personal hope is that this will also be a vehicle for wholesale changes to the stroke protocol including refining who needs CTA, CT perfusion and also force changes to the decision making proces of who gets TPA.
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